Pet friendly turf and landscape

Dog patch resistant lawn is a dream solution for turf managers
Pet friendly turf and landscape

Dog patch resistant lawn are a dream solution for many dog & lawn owners as well as public park turf managers

Let me first of all say this: the dog is not the problem. If lawns are damaged due to dog pee, the composition of the lawn is the problem

What is needed is a smart solution that are adapted to your life and your dogs needs. Plus dogs are hard to nudge away from lawns, most dogs seem to enjoy natural grass as much as humans. The two are a lovely combination.

DLF has done the research and found that our 4turf® and Quick Action® range is performing significantly better than many other lawn solutions under the stress of dog. The 4turf® varieties handle the stress like it was a dose of fertilizer and 4turf are particularly fertilizer loving compared to some other turf grass solutions.

Unlike many dog patch prevention products out there, 4turf®'s tolerance is obtained without altering the behavior of the dog or changing the dog’s digestive system or diet.

By introducing a naturally resistant population of lawn grass plants, patches will not be a problem any more. The 4turf® lawn can handle it.

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