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Embark on a journey into a world where small seeds make a big difference. With a focus on seed genetics, collaboration and the utilization of advanced technologies, we take on global challenges and create resilient seeds for an ever-changing climate. Join us on this extraordinary journey as we challenge ourselves and work towards a greener future.

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Unleashing Tomorrow's Harvest: Developing Sustainable Seeds

Experience the power of innovation in seed breeding as we work towards a greener future. Our dedicated research and development teams work tirelessly to deliver high-quality seeds that enhance productivity while reducing environmental impact. Join us in embracing the art of plant breeding and discover how our cutting-edge technologies and global partnerships are developing the world of agriculture

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Super-fast turf growth and repair with Expressmaster Plus

Super-fast turf growth and repair with Expressmaster Plus

A park or stadium without grass is a space without the fun and games. So anything that shortens the gap between sowing grass seed and letting people loose on lush green turf has to be good. A shorter wait brings forward those outdoor days filled with sports and picnics in the park. Expressmaster Plus shortens the gap. It’s our fastest-growing grass-seed mixture featuring 4turf® technology. Expressmaster Plus cuts down the waiting. The three seed components of this mixture establish rapidly, keep out weeds, extend the season of outdoor play, and look so green and inviting, local people will want to be outside all summer. They give park users more action-packed days on wide grassy spaces, and a prolonged season of growth for turf professionals.

Lone Bundgaard to join the Executive Management Board in DLF Seeds

Lone Bundgaard to join the Executive Management Board in DLF Seeds

DLF, a global leader in plant breeding and seed production, is happy to announce the appointment of Lone Bundgaard to join the company’s Executive Management Board (EMB)

 DLF Beet Seed CEO steps down

DLF Beet Seed CEO steps down

Hans Christian Ambjerg, CEO of DLF Beet Seed, will as from today step down from his position.

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