Super-fast turf growth and repair with Expressmaster Plus

A park or stadium without grass is a space without the fun and games. So anything that shortens the gap between sowing grass seed and letting people loose on lush green turf has to be good. A shorter wait brings forward those outdoor days filled with sports and picnics in the park. Expressmaster Plus shortens the gap. It’s our fastest-growing grass-seed mixture featuring 4turf® technology. Expressmaster Plus cuts down the waiting. The three seed components of this mixture establish rapidly, keep out weeds, extend the season of outdoor play, and look so green and inviting, local people will want to be outside all summer. They give park users more action-packed days on wide grassy spaces, and a prolonged season of growth for turf professionals.
Super-fast turf growth and repair with Expressmaster Plus

The grass-seed mixture for easier maintenance

Expressmaster Plus reduces the effort involved in maintaining a beautiful green space. It’s a natural weed-suppressant, which reduces the need for herbicides. It also has good disease-resistance, which saves time and money on fungicide use.

Expressmaster Plus is especially good on slopes, where it reduces soil erosion. Wherever sown, Expressmaster Plus establishes early, giving new turf areas the strength and vigour to withstand early summer droughts. Expressmaster Plus also grows back quickly after excessive wear; it leaves fewer patches to repair after constant use or long weeks of unrelenting play.

Fast and lush in season one; easy and lush in season two
The wonderful thing about 4turf® ryegrass is that it establish fast in the first season and  By the end of the first season, the roots will have loosened the soil, creating plenty of space for microorganisms to flourish. With the fast establishment of 4turf®, weeds will be suppressed and already in the second season the turf will be lush and green.

Patch up damaged turf fast
The speed of growth of Expressmaster Plus makes it an ideal mixture for overseeding - for patching up a turf in need of repair. Fast establishment means that bare patches quickly fill with new grass growth, long before the weeds have a chance to gain a foothold.

Three grass-seed components for speed and resilience
Perennial ryegrass – 4turf®  (50%)

Regrows fast after wear to keep turf looking good, and to extend the length of the playing season
Establishes at low temperatures to get turf off to an early spring start, and to give it a better chance of withstanding an early summer drought
Grows well in existing turf for quick and easy repairs

Perennial ryegrass – diploid 2n (40%)
Good disease-resistance cuts the time and cost of maintenance
Dense foliage for a lush green look
Tolerant of rough use – makes for a wonderfully hard-wearing park or sports pitch

Westerwold ryegrass – turf type (10%)
Establishes super-fast for turf that’s ready for use super-quick
Speedy coverage keeps weeds at bay, and cuts the time and cost of maintenance
Lasts just one season during which it does all its excellent work – less mowing from season two onwards
Good for slopes to reduce soil erosion – a win for the local environment

Start summer early with Expressmaster Plus
Expressmaster Plus brings summer forward. Turf professionals can sow their seed earlier in the year when temperatures are still low. The turf grows so fast, it’ll be ready for use just as the days lengthen and everyone wants to be outside.

Later, when those long summer days are at their height, people will spend more time enjoying their local grassy spaces, and maintenance teams will spend less time caring for them. Expressmaster Plus is the lawn-seed mixture that doesn’t just give everyone an easier life, it makes that easier life arrive far sooner than they imagined.