4TURF® is proven to grow resilient TURF

In the fight against climate change, 4turf® is the leading portfolio of tetraploid perennial ryegrasses. 4turf® – the range that dominates the national turf lists – has exceptional tolerances to drought, disease, and salt
4TURF® is proven to grow resilient TURF

4turf® is a portfolio of hi-tech turf grasses, developed to withstand disease, drought, and salt. 4turf® keeps sports pitches, golf courses, and urban landscapes greener for longer. Turf grown from 4turf® seed needs less irrigation and demands less management time from turf managers. It saves them time and money. 4turf® is the strong choice that keeps your turf out of trouble. It is based on in-depth research and product development. We know our 4turf® varieties perform phenomenally well because they have been repeatedly tested by us and by independent researchers. One of our varieties, FABIAN, has been awarded with an innovation price.

Overwhelming rankings on national lists

We are constantly working to develop new and improved varieties of 4turf®. With many years of development and knowledge acquisition to draw on, we are the industry leaders in breeding tetraploid perennial ryegrasses. Independent tests support this, which is why 4turf® varieties dominate the various national listings.
In almost every national list in Europe, 4turf® varieties make up the bulk of the listed tetraploid perennial ryegrasses.

  • Scanturf list: 4turf® accounts for 3 out of 4 tetraploid perennial ryegrass varieties
  • French list: 4turf® accounts for 3 out of 3 tetraploid perennial ryegrass varieties
  • Dutch list: 4turf® accounts for 3 out of 5 tetraploid perennial ryegrass varieties
  • UK sports list: 4turf® accounts for 7 out of 8 tetraploid perennial ryegrass varieties
  • German list: 4turf® accounts for 2 out of 3 tetraploid perennial ryegrass varieties

Superb turf for all locations

The excellent turf quality evaluated for the national lists is just one aspect of 4turf®‘s exceptional performance. Our 4turf® varieties have strong root systems that make them extremely drought-tolerant, salt-tolerant and disease-resistant. Add to this they germinate well at low temperatures, a feature proven in internal and external tests.

Exceptional drought-tolerance for a changing climate

In a changing climate, sports pitches, golf courses and public parks need turf varieties that are more resilient to drought. Our breeding programme has developed 4turf® varieties with stronger and deeper roots. The roots are beneficial to the grasses if they are exposed to drought. 4turf®’s strong root architecture helps it withstand different types of droughts. It keeps turf green and playable for longer during dry periods, and with less need for irrigation.

Enhanced salt-tolerance

Salt is a widespread problem that compromises turf quality. De-icing agents affect roadside turf, seawater floods or sprays coastal turf, and saline waste or recycled water is increasingly used for turf irrigation. Additionally some soils are naturally salty. As a result, salt-tolerance has become a popular turf characteristic.
All 4turf® varieties are developed to have a high salt-tolerance. For turf managers in salt-stressed environments, salt-tolerance is a vital safeguard. It supports better growth and survival which translates to better quality turf with a more attractive appearance.

Improved disease-resistance

New turf diseases are appearing, and known diseases are becoming more severe. 4turf® varieties are developed to have a high disease-resistance, which is also proving to be a good defence against some of the new diseases. 4turf®’s disease-resistance helps future-proof turf areas. By choosing disease-resistant turf, turf managers save time and money on maintenance. They also use less pesticide, which makes their turf more sustainable.

4turf® for a secure future

For turf managers, the future will be tougher than the present. With increasing drought, new diseases, and competition for limited water resources, turf managers need turf that’s more resilient to a changing world. 4turf® is the seed that safeguards them against this uncertain future.

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