Playing surfaces are back in use

...but the spring drought is complicating things
Playing surfaces are back in use

Golfers, footballers, rugby players and even racehorses are back on the surfaces

- which have eagerly awaited them

Has the grass long awaited the footballers sliding tackles and blinding sprints, as much as we have missed cheering for them? It must have, it is what is was born and bred for!

However, the spring drought has returned and the soil is not yet at full moisture capacity. If irrigation options are limited, the drought will result in a slower recovery for the grass, due to the wear.

Turf with improved rooting architecture, such as the 4turf varieties, will be able to hold back the drought. If the drought is sudden, other measures might be required.

Annual ryegrass to the rescue

Fast turf recovery during droughts requires annual ryegrass.
Nothing covers the ground as fast and efficiently as annual ryegrass.

Masterline Expressmaster+ contains 10% annual ryegrass and 50 % 4turf. A superior combination to both rescue and prepare the turf for wear and stress.