More uptime for more hours of play with 4TURF®

When you get down to essentials, only one factor counts in turf performance: uptime. Wear-tolerance, visual merit and other common evaluation criteria are important, but the real test of progress is whether you can squeeze more hours of play out of your sports pitch or golf course
More uptime for more hours of play with 4TURF®

Our world-leading 4turf® range helps turf professionals increase their uptime

The more uptime you enjoy, the less likely you are to lose or postpone events for maintenance

Downtime in contrast is bad news: linked to lost revenues from green fees and extra costs involved in staff time and materials needed for repairs.

The uptime contribution of 4turf® starts from the time of establishment of new turf or the overseeding of existing turf. 4turf® gives you:

  • Strong plants right from establishment, ensuring a more even distribution of plants
  • Efficient rooting
  • Stress-tolerance in a wide sense: biotic and abiotic stress, including:
    • Winter survival (winter hardiness, resistance to diseases like snow mould)
    • Summer survival (summer visual merit, regrowth after drought)
    • Disease tolerance (resists attack from main fungal diseases)
    • High sociability: performs well in mixtures and allows other turf species to perform well too

Year round added uptime

4turf®'s excellent drought-tolerance contributes to its gain in uptime. Drought-resilience is not just for the summer: it's also vital for dry spells during the crucial spring months when turf builds up the strength needed to withstand the stress of the coming playing season.

Disease-tolerance also increases uptime. As more and more plant-protection products face bans or use restrictions, genetic disease-tolerance is vital. By combining 4turf®'s high potential with a much wider range of species in turf-grass mixtures, we are able to minimise the risk of complete failure through disease attack. This keeps your turf playable for longer.

More ways to use 4turf® for better turf performance

4turf® varieties are suitable for all situations in which you use diploid perennial ryegrass. 4turf®'s sociability makes it a reliable mixture constituent. It functions well as a foundation species able to boost stress-tolerance.

By improving uptime and requiring fewer inputs, 4turf® gives you a more durable and sustainable turf for easier grass management on areas of professional turf and on domestic lawns.

Better turf management starts with 4turf®

  • Reduced input
    Stress-tolerance reduces your need to compensate through irrigation, extra fertiliser, plant-protection products and working hours.
  • Optimal establishment
    The even establishment of 4turf® varieties and their sociability help other species establish, which creates conditions for optimal overall establishment.
  • Sustainable choice
    Reduced inputs and fitter grass improve turf sustainability. Turf grasses also play their part in carbon sequestration and in reducing the risks of erosion and flood damage.
  • A pleasure for the eyes
    We should never forget the contribution that turf makes to human wellbeing through year-round city greenness and attractive cover in private gardens.

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