Lone Bundgaard to join the Executive Management Board in DLF Seeds

DLF, a global leader in plant breeding and seed production, is happy to announce the appointment of Lone Bundgaard to join the company’s Executive Management Board (EMB)
Lone Bundgaard to join the Executive Management Board in DLF Seeds

Lone joined DLF in August 2023 as the Chief Information Officer (CIO) and has already demonstrated exemplary leadership in driving changes in the company’s Information Technology (IT) setup and services

Lone's strategic vision and expertise have created a step-wise change in leadership, particularly in globalizing our IT services. DLF recognizes the pivotal role that information technology, digitalization, and artificial intelligence play in the future of our organization. We look forward to leverage on Lone’s leadership to open new opportunities for DLF in optimizing our company's operations, enhancing our supply chain, and accelerating our Research and Development (R&D) processes.

"I am glad to have Lone on board as our Chief Information Officer and now joining the Executive Management Board. Lone is an experienced leader with a wealth of experience both in complex organization and within IT. I am confident that it will inspire new discussions with EMB and accelerating the platform development in DLF" said Søren Halbye, CEO at DLF Seeds.



DLF Seeds A/S, headquartered in Denmark with over 2000 employees globally in 22 countries, is a farmer-owned cooperative.
The company stands at the forefront of the global seed industry. With over a century of expertise, the company is dedicated to advancing agriculture with respect to the environment.

Focused on breeding and distributing high-performance seeds for forage and turf, DLF Seeds A/S delivers locally-adapted products to more than 100 countries.
Their portfolio includes innovative varieties engineered for drought resistance, contributing to climate adaptation.
The company collaborates with partners worldwide to ensure resilient and productive crops. DLF Seeds A/S remains committed to driving positive change in agriculture, combining tradition with forward-thinking solutions.

You can find the press release in Danish here.