Top-Quality Grass Fields Set the Stage for Summer Sports Events

As we enter the summer sports season, top athletes are gearing up to shine on golf courses and football stadiums. The demand for top-quality grass is high for the numerous sports events and tournaments, reflecting the widespread interest in following professional athletes.
Top-Quality Grass Fields Set the Stage for Summer Sports Events

The demand for top-quality grass is driven by professional customers who require the top varieties, which are best suited to handle the challenges that groundsmen and greenkeepers face. Advancements in the breeding and development of turfgrass, alongside methodical selection processes and high-quality standards, are crucial aspects within the professional sports turf industry. The focus remains on selecting varieties capable of withstanding stress, wear, and disease while creating visually appealing and inviting playing surfaces for athletes and spectators alike.

Looking ahead to the upcoming UEFA European Championship in Germany, where 24 European national teams will battle it out across 10 stadiums from June 14th to July 14th, the importance of top-quality grass cannot be overstated. Training grounds will be available for all teams and referees, ensuring optimal conditions for the matches.

Germany represents a significant market for DLF, making up approximately 50% of the market share in the wholesale distribution of grass seeds. While specific details about individual stadiums are limited due to confidentiality, it is known that DLF's turfgrass varieties will feature prominently on many of the playing surfaces. Varieties such as turf perennials ESQUIRE, DICKENS, FIESTA 4, 4turf ® DOUBLE, and smooth-staked meadowgrass YVETTE, MIRACLE, and SOMBRERO are among the solutions chosen for the German tournament stadiums.

DLF's sports turf varieties have a strong tradition of representation at major championships, with our turfgrass seeds being utilized across many stadiums and training grounds. The methodical selection of turfgrass varieties ensures optimal performance, resilience, and aesthetics, reflecting our commitment to excellence in sports turf management.

We eagerly anticipate an exciting summer of football matches and stunning playing surfaces, where the art of plant breeding, performance characteristics, management practices, and aesthetic appeal seamlessly merge to elevate the sporting experience.