Microclover®: the natural solution for a green lawn

If you still think of clover as an undesirable lawn intruder, it's time to think again because there’s now a clover that gives turf a green lift. Microclover® has been specifically developed to simplify turf management.
Microclover®: the natural solution for a green lawn

This small-leaved clover grows low between grasses to create a greener, denser, and healthier turf. It’s especially useful for landscapers aiming for a more natural, low-maintenance approach to turf management.

Improve lawn quality and save fertiliser
Thomas van Tetering, our Product & Marketing Manager, explains how Microclover® works:

"Mixing Microclover® with grass improves the health and visual quality of your turf. It grows low between the grass plants to provide good ground cover and reduce the chance of bare patches. And since Microclover® stays low, its small, fine leaves are hardly visible. Even better, the clover adds nutrients to the turf. It binds nitrogen from the air and adds it to the soil. This continuous supply of nitrogen promotes consistent grass growth without the risk of over-fertilisation and nitrogen run-off."

Less weed conrtol
Weeds can be a major issue in lawns, especially during the summer. Microclover® helps keep weeds at bay by covering any bare patches in the soil.

"Microclover® helps keep a lawn greener and weed-free throughout all four seasons,” explains Thomas van Tetering. “And fewer weeds saves a landscaper time and money."

Save water
In recent years, summer droughts have produced brown, dried-out lawns. Microclover® helps keep them green:

"Microclover® is good for summer droughts,” says Thomas van Tetering. “Its deeper roots extract water from deeper soil layers, keeping a lawn green for longer. The extra cover Microclover® provides also helps reduce water evaporation and retain more moisture in the soil. This is particularly useful when watering restrictions apply or when the time and cost of irrigation are a drain on resources."

For landscapers who are planning to sow Microclover® for the first time, Thomas van Tetering has some tips for a successful establishment:

"Use a maximum of 5% Microclover® and sow it together with the grass. Avoid over-fertilising with nitrogen, and keep mowing regularly to keep the clover nicely at the bottom. Once you see the results, you'll put Microclover® in every mixture."