Do something for the climate and your lawn

Grow some nitrogen into it!
Do something for the climate and your lawn

Spring is here and your feet cannot wait to indulge themselves in the lush green grass of your lawn. Your lawn on the other hand cannot wait for you to dress it up for a new and enjoyable summer. Normally, you would do this by applying nitrogen fertilizers in gracious amounts. But why not be smart and do your lawn and the climate a favor; grow the nitrogen yourself!

Yep – it is in fact possible. The wonderful little plant that does the trick is a small clover named PIPOLINA. We call it a Microclover because it is so tiny that it will fit nicely into any type of turf lawn. Clovers were originally only used for cow-eating but through dedicated tests and selections our breeders finally managed to develop something that will benefit all of us who love our lawns.

It is quite easy to apply. Find your rake and use it to remove moss and old debris from the winter. That will create some space for PIPOLINA allowing her to dig the roots into the soil below the turf sward. After a while when the clover leaves start to emerge something fantastic happens underground. Rhizobium bacteria penetrate the root cells and turn them into small nodules, which are like small factories taking nitrogen out of the air and turning it into nutrients for the grass sward.

To get PIPOLINA dosed in the right amount we recommend you buy a box or a bag that contains the Microclover in combination with other turf grass seeds. It may come in various shades, but you will always find the Microclover logo on the front. So, go on, do something for the climate and your lawn today. It will love it – You will love it!