A brand new screening method to boost plant breeding

What do you get when you combine a genetic "haystack" with powerful sequencing technology? DLF's NimScout method - finding needles in a flash! Over 150 game-changing mutations have been discovered in ryegrass and alfalfa. Let's see what this can do for the future of farming!
A brand new screening method to boost plant breeding

DLF’s R&D team has developed a method called NimScout for our forage programmes

This method almost instantly finds needles in a complex genetic “haystack” by using the most powerful sequencing technologies

NimScout (Novel Induced Mutation Scouting) is a non-GMO approach that facilitates identifying the one specific genetic change among millions in the plant genome that may improve yield, quality, disease tolerance or stress tolerance.

The technology is already been applied on two DLF proprietary mutant collections of annual ryegrass and alfalfa and has revealed more than 150 interesting mutations waiting to be used in future products. In the next phase, researchers will identify lead plants with positive effects on yields, forage quality and climate mitigation.