ISF legacy project in Cape Town, South Africa

The International Seed Federation and DLF Supports Local Community Project in Cape Town, South Africa
ISF legacy project in Cape Town, South Africa

The annual World Seed Congress has always been a platform for global collaboration and innovation in the seed industry

This year, as the event takes place in Cape Town, South Africa, the National Organizing Committee has introduced a ground-breaking initiative—a legacy project that allows delegates to contribute to a local community project through their registration

This article highlights the remarkable impact of this initiative and the positive changes it has brought to the lives of the less privileged in collaboration with Africa Tikkun, a non-profit organization.

Creating a Lasting Impact
The National Organizing Committee recognized the potential of the World Seed Congress to make a tangible difference beyond the realm of seed-related discussions. By establishing the legacy project, delegates were given the opportunity to donate funds that would be utilized to support a local community centre and school. This marked the first time such an opportunity was made available at a congress, fostering a sense of responsibility and social consciousness among participants.

Collaboration with Africa Tikkun 
To ensure the successful execution of the legacy project, the National Organizing Committee partnered with Africa Tikkun, a respected non-profit organization dedicated to uplifting communities in South Africa. With their expertise and local knowledge, Africa Tikkun spearheaded the implementation of the project, focusing on creating sustainable infrastructure that would benefit the community for years to come.

Creating Sports and Nourishment Opportunities

Thanks to the generous contributions from delegates, a soccer field and a vegetable garden with a greenhouse tunnel and solar powered irrigation system were established at the community centre. These additions have not only provided a safe and engaging space for sports activities but also created a source of fresh and nutritious produce for the community.

Nurturing Future Generations

One of the remarkable outcomes of this project is the impact it has had on a local school. The community centre, in collaboration with the school, now utilizes the vegetables grown in the garden to prepare daily meals for hundreds of school children. This not only ensures that these children receive nutritious food but also instils a sense of pride and ownership as they witness the fruits of their labor directly benefiting their own community.

DLF South Africa's Contribution

Recognizing the significance of this initiative, DLF South Africa, actively participated in the legacy project. DLF sponsored the seeds required for the soccer field, as well as technical support in the construction and design of the project. Additionally, DLF provided soccer balls for the school, further enhancing the sports infrastructure and encouraging the children's active participation.

Making a Difference Together

Participating in opportunities like the legacy project exemplifies the commitment of organizations like DLF South Africa and the delegates of the World Seed Congress 2023 to make a positive impact on the lives of underprivileged individuals

By coming together and combining efforts, even small initiatives can create a significant and lasting change. This legacy project serves as a testament to the power of collaboration, compassion, and community empowerment.

The inaugural legacy project introduced at the International Seed Congress in Cape Town, South Africa, has surpassed expectations, leaving an indelible mark on the local community. Through the contributions of delegates and the dedicated efforts of Africa Tikkun, a soccer field and a vegetable garden with a greenhouse tunnel have been established, enriching the lives of the residents and the school children. DLF South Africa's involvement has further exemplified the spirit of corporate social responsibility. As the congress progresses, let us celebrate the success of this endeavor and inspire others to embrace similar initiatives that can create a profound difference in the lives of disadvantaged individuals worldwide.