Special coating reduces the need for nitrogen fertilizers

Coatings and microorganisms transforming nitrogen efficiency in crop production
Special coating reduces the need for nitrogen fertilizers

In the Benelux countries, we give clover and alfalfa seed a special coating of ProRhizo, a lime coating with a Rhizobium strain specially developed for clover and alfalfa

The lime coating ensures better establishment of the plants when the pH value of the soil is not optimal, and the Rhizobium bacteria enhance nitrogen utilisation, which means the plants grow faster and become better established. The result is a higher yield and nitrogen saving of up to 40% in the first year.

In New Zealand, we are working with partners on a project that combines the microorganism Trichoderma with synthetics to create a product that improves root growth and has fungicidal properties. We are trialling this product on forage, grain and maize varieties.

Another project involves a new Rhizobium strain, which we are testing in red and white clover. It seems to be strengthening the clover plants’ survival rate and enabling the clover to achieve better nitrogen fixation than we have seen previously, and that will reduce the need for nitrogen fertilisers.