From world equestrian championships to top league football in only six days

Is it possible to transform a sandy track suitable for horse hoofs into a top league football field that can tolerate football boots in just six days? The answer is yes!
From world equestrian championships to top league football in only six days

The sand is removed from the pitch

For 10 days MCH Arena was transformed into a sandy mecca for the best of the best within riding

The green pitch that is normally home to FC Midtjylland, a team in the Danish Superliga, was hidden away under plates and a substantial layer of sand.



The sod rolls are 4 cm thick and 14 m long

The world equestrian championship ended on Sunday. On Monday the preparations for the Superliga game the following Sunday started

First the sand and the plates were removed. Next the renovation of the pitch began. 4-5 cm of dead grass and growth layer were peeled off, and a 0,5-1 cm new growth layer was laid out.

Then the pitch was evened out with help from laser. The employees worked fast and Wednesday the pitch was ready to receive the first 17 loads of sod turf.

It looks great!

The turf is made especially for MCH arena. It was established back in September 2020 on a special growth layer that is an exact match for the conditions on MCH arena

When the growth layers are fully adapted to each other you get a more homogeneous growth layer with the desired humus content and a better water infiltration.

Proturf PLUS sod for MCH Arena is:
4 cm thick
120 cm wide
14 m long
Roughly 8.200 m2 turf got delivered to MCH Arena on 17 cars/loads. 8 loads arrived on Wednesday and 9 loads on Thursday.