Let your lawn produce its own fertilizer

Fertilizers costs are sky-high, and it is really adding to the benefits of the nitrogen fixating clovers. It can be-grass pastures with clover that are capable of producing protein for feed with less need for fertilizer application. Or it can be good looking low input microclover lawns
Let your lawn produce its own fertilizer

Transforming Lawns

Embracing versatility and sustainability with microclover for beautiful and bee-friendly landscapes

It is a challenge to change the perception that a lawn contains only grass species and looks very uniform, to get a versatile use of microclover on public lawns, private gardens and extensive sport areas. With microclover it will look more versatile.

It is our job to demonstrate that the qualities of the lawn can be maintained even if it contains microclover because the higher goal is more sustainable turf with less nitrogen input. And the bees will love the tiny white flowers producing nectar and pollen.

Read about our cost-saving solution and how it contributes to UN sustainable goals.