DLF puts strategy on hold in Russia - update June 2022

DLF finds that the military invasion of Ukraine is completely unacceptable and strongly distance itself from the ongoing inhuman acts taking place on Ukrainian soil
DLF puts strategy on hold in Russia - update June 2022

The tragic situation in Ukraine affects everyone deeply, and the consequences of the catastrophic crisis are very far-reaching

Respect, trust and integrity are important values ​​in DLF, and in the current situation, the seed business cannot continue with "business as usual" in Russia

The seed industry is in the middle of the high season, and seed products have been on their way to customers for a few weeks, and the first part of the spring sales over there has been completed. However, DLF has now decided with immediate effect to put its strategy in Russia on hold, and no more goods will be sent to Russia.

DLF has both a moral obligation and a responsibility to all its employees, including its Russian colleagues, who have loyally helped to develop the company's business.
DLF will therefore maintain its organisations with over 30 skilled colleagues in both DLF Seeds LLC and DLF Beet Seed in Russia.

Update per 7 June 2022

DLF supplies seeds for food production in Russia

The world is in the midst of an accelerating food crisis, and the UN is now calling on all actors to maintain food production in Ukraine and Russia and to ensure food exports from here.

Likewise, EU sanctions policy has excluded products that are involved in agricultural and food production, where seeds are an essential part of the supply chain.

In March 2022, DLF suspended the export of seeds to Russia and Belarus.
In light of the recent appeal from the UN to prevent a food crisis, DLF has decided to supply seeds for production of forage grass and sugar beets to the two countries.

DLF continues to follow the EU's sanction policy, and the purpose of exporting seeds is to secure seeds for agricultural and food production.
As a consequence, it also implies that DLF will not supply turf grass to Russia and Belarus.

To further support a rapid recovery of food production in Ukraine, DLF will donate beet and grass seeds to Ukrainian farmers in line with one year's sales.