DLF - 150 years since the first seed emerged

On December 16, it is 150 years since the first seed emerged for the seed group, which today is the 7th largest in the world, has a turnover of EURO 1.1bn and 2,240 staff worldwide
DLF - 150 years since the first seed emerged

DLF is today the global market leader in forage and turf seeds. Over the past 150 years, it has grown from being a local seed company to today being a global seed group with a turnover of ₵1.1 bn, with 2240 employees spread over six continents. The driver behind this development is an ambitious and visionary management that, together with a solid production base and skilled and passionate employees, has focused on innovation and on bringing new and improved varieties to the market.

DLF has green products that are in demand and provide value to customers worldwide. In the temperate climate zone, approx. every third bag of grass seed for forage and turf are developed by DLF. A cornerstone in this development is the group's research and product development, where around every 10th employee in the group is engaged in creating varieties that are more efficient and resilient for the benefit of customers.

Over the years, organic growth and acquisitions of seed companies around the world have contributed to a DLF with a strong platform to continue the journey.

"I can feel the wings of history when you look at the more than a hundred seed companies that have formed the foundation of DLF today. We have sustainable products that fits perfectly well into creating a more climate-friendly and resource-efficient production. DLF stands on a solid foundation and is a robust company that is well prepared for the future," says Søren Halbye, who took over the job as Group CEO in the DLF Group on 1 November.

On December 16 in 872, the plant breeder Chr. P. Jacobsen, Ludvig Jensen and Frantz Wendt founded "The Office for Purchase of Examined Field Seed". It later became part of Trifolium-Silo, which in 1988 became part of DLF-Trifolium, and which we know today as DLF.

DLF employees worldwide celebrate the anniversary with an anniversary cake.