DLF sponsors international turfgrass research conference in Denmark

Almost 300 scientists and turf-grass professionals attended the 14th International Turfgrass Research Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark. DLF, was one of the sponsors and we were able to show all the participants our research facility in Denmark
DLF sponsors international turfgrass research conference in Denmark

Scientists and turf-grass professionals gathered for five days of discussion and discovery in turfgrass research with focus on development and sustainability

Challenges caused by climate changes, new diseases and pests, and how to deal with them were just some of the important themes on the agenda

What has been a common theme in Europe for several years is now also attracting the interest of researchers and the public on the other side of the Atlantic. Non-chemical control strategies of all kinds are now studied more intensively and ways to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions has also become an important issue of turf management. The conference held a so-called "Practitioner Seminar", where participants could learn what new research has to offer in this regard.

Because the conference was held in Denmark, DLF took the opportunity to invite all participants to our research facility in St. Heddinge on the day, which was dedicated to technical tours. Arriving late afternoon, participants got a 50 min guided tour in our labs, greenhouses, and turf plots before enjoying a BBQ dinner also hosted by DLF.

15 DLF colleagues attended the conference. During oral and poster sessions, we shared the latest findings. Additionally, Leah Brilman was one of the key note speakers in the opening session.

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