Successful DLF green carpet event

Around 90 key stakeholders, business partners, financiers and advisors, academic collaborators and employees from sevevaral countries were gathered at DLF’s Green Carpet event 26 October 2021
Successful DLF green carpet event

Chairman in DLF Christian Høegh-Andersen, summarized some of the political issues that are of importance to DLF as e.g. climate ambitions and goals, where DLFs products offers a lot of benefits

CEO Truels Damsgaard stated, that DLF is investing in the future and explained how DLF and their customers can grow their business together

He gave a status of the various business units and coming investment plans. DLF’s global organization have worked to prioritize it's core values: Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Global Synergies, Environmental Sustainability and Empowerment.

Derek Bartlem, EVP and Chief Scientific Officer then gave a rock-star presentation with the title: “Genetic leaps that matter – evolving R&D with a view to the future”. Derek started in DLF 4 months ago and is responsible for the global research organization comprising 200 people in DLF.

He explained how different market trends are shaping the R&D agenda and how we need to evolve to meet the challenges

One example are virus yellows tolerance in sugar beets, where DLF are ready with disease tolerant material for the market in 2023.
Finally he drew the future pathway for R&D in DLF:

What we do:
Aim for the horizon with clear end-user focus supported by committed investments

How we do it:
Be curious, adapt new tools and technologies, integrate them into existing breeding processes

How we are:
Embrace a changing portfolio og competencies and knowledge-sharing to secure a robust future