PRONITRO® helps seeds and turf survive drought

The right seeds should be part of any strategy to reduce the impact of drought on golf greens and football pitches
PRONITRO® helps seeds and turf survive drought

Drought risk is here to stay 

Well, for a good part of the year at least

You already know what drought does to a turf, and how to look after a thirsty field. So there’s no reason to be caught unprepared. When planning a strategy to beat a drought, are you also thinking about whether the right grass seeds could help you maintain a green turf throughout a long spring and summer of low rainfall? 

Grow 35% more grass plants, all with a better chance of beating a drought 

Even the best-quality seeds struggle to establish during a drought. But a coating of ProNitro® can make all the difference. ProNitro®-coated seeds are heavier and incorporate a wetting agent. The added weight provides better contact with the soil, while the wetting agent improves the take up of moisture. Together, they give your seeds a much better chance of germinating and surviving. 

During the establishment phase, the fertiliser in ProNitro® gives the germinating seeds and growing seedlings the exact amount of nitrogen they need to thrive. ProNitro® releases its nitrogen in two stages through fast release and slow release. The fast release feeds the germinating seed; the slow release feeds the seedling. The result is up to 34% more plants and up to a 30% increase in root length. More and better rooted grass plants improve soil structure, and provide the foundation for a uniform green turf that’s ready to withstand a drought. 

Use up to 15% less water during establishment 

Water and fertiliser are expensive resources. At times of drought, water can be scarce. ProNitro® is a highly efficient user of water and fertiliser. Its hydroactive water management technology makes optimal use of moisture surrounding your growing seedling. It breaks the surface tension of water and makes its distribution in the soil more efficient and uniform. During the establishment phase, a ProNitro® seedling will require up to 15% less water. As a provider of nitrogen, ProNitro® is four times more effective than a broadcast application of fertiliser. ProNitro®’s targeted approach reduces nitrogen leaching by 50%.