Celebration of top-performance soccer pitches

2021 will be a celebration for European football fans and for fans all over the world. The turf seed industry will have a special interest in evaluating the performance of the stadiums combining the skills of the groundsmen and top performing turf grass brands
Celebration of top-performance soccer pitches

The countdown has started

and fans are looking forward for a month of exciting hours cheering for their favorite teams at the EURO 2021 with the opening match played 11 June 2021 in Rome

Together with the Olympics, it will probably be the most watched sporting event in 2021.

Normally the finals take place in one or two countries like in France 2016, and in Poland/Ukraine 2012 but this year’s finals will be performed in 12 cities in 12 different countries. Eight of the 12 cities are capitals and the 24 qualified national teams over a full month will play 51 matches, before we can salute the #1.

All matches will be played on natural grass. The base is living grass roots and shoots that will endure the tear and wear of the games. Most stadiums will host 4 games and on top of this, Wembley Stadium in London will host two semifinals and the final 11 July.

Read more about the pitch preparation for EURO 2021 in the full article from Anne Mette Dahl Jensen, Product Development Manager Turf grass at DLF, in European Seeds Insider here

(Since the article has been published there are now 11 stadiums in 11 countries to host the finals)