Seed production is about planning ahead - or is it?

Production of grass and clover seed has a long life cycle from the planning phase to the seed is ready for sale
Seed production is about planning ahead - or is it?

Producing nuts & bolts is a matter of storing a few ingredients, and push the button and the production starts

Anytime of the year. Consumption of nuts and bolts are all year round. No peaks…

Grass and clover seed production is a far more complex process and there is only one option to ensure availability: Planning ahead, well ahead of the time the seed is needed by end users.

Basic seed

Available basic seed in the wanted quantity is necessary for any production of commercial seed.

Seed Growers

It could seem an evidence, but seed companies rely on farmers willing to sign a seed production contract rather than opting for the usual cash crops in the production area.

Perennial crops

Most grass species are perennial, and apart from annual ryegrass, the seed harvest is at the best the year after sowing. Fields of several species are harvested for 2-3 years, which adds additional planning and adjustment requirements.

Advised by specialists

Field advisors from seed companies are in close contact with the seed growers for guidance with technical information about crop establishment, plant protection, certification, harvest, drying and storage.

Execution of the 2022 seed crop plans

Springtime is sowing time in some of the major seed production areas. Seed growers will be busy in the coming weeks preparing the soil to get a perfect texture for seed germination. The seed lots planted this spring will be ready for harvest in summer 2022.

Cleaning, analysis and certification

Once harvested, all seed must be processed by cleaning followed by analysis of germination, purity and plant health measures (quarantine species etc.). Ultimately, when the quality is documented, the seed is conditioned pure or in mixtures in the adequate packaging types.

Weather is a powerful player

The production fields are subject to weather and climatic accidents at all stages during the production cycle(s). With the increasing influence of fluctuating weather conditions and restrictions in pesticide use, planning is of utmost importance for success for your share of the business.