More functionality and better business support through your MYDLF customer portal

The latest release of MyDLF operates in four languages and helps you find the information you need even faster than before. For customers, MyDLF is the always-on route to up-to-the-minute data on your account and to DLF seed varieties. It helps you do more business in more places at more times of the day.
More functionality and better business support through your MYDLF customer portal

Wholesale customers who use our MyDLF customer portal can now work in more languages with more functionality and improved user friendliness. The latest release of MyDLF incorporates ideas and feedback from our many users; it gives you access to even more relevant business information.

MyDLF has already attracted industry attention for its ability to simplify your everyday business activities. For many customers, MyDLF has become an integral part of their daily working lives. The new release goes even further to give you instant access to detailed information about all aspects of your business with us.

Do more useful business with the new release of MyDLF

Two more languages: MyDLF now functions in four languages: French and German, together with the existing English and Russian.

Easier searching for certificates of analysis:

  • Use variety names for faster certificate searches
  • All certificates of analysis for straights now online
  • Easy access – download all certificates, including declarations for mixtures, in one click from your posted invoices

Direct link to online seed variety app: A link to our online seed variety app helps you find DLF species and varieties online

More time to view released shipment notes: Released shipment notes stay longer on MyDLF

MyDLF is just one of a series of digital development initiatives from DLF. In the coming years you can look forward to many more useful and unique features – all driven by your needs and suggestions. If you're one of those who has already made suggestions, we'd like to say a hearty thank you. Please keep sending in your ideas.

Three reasons to tap into your online customer portal, MyDLF

Always available: Forget office hours; if you need vital information about your account with us, it's online 24/7 at MyDLF.

Secure: MyDLF is a secure, password-protected business tool. Before we released it, we asked IT professionals to test that it meets a high level of security and data protection.

View from any device: Your customer portal looks good on any device: desktop, laptop, mobile phone, or tablet.

To learn more about MyDLF, contact your local DLF representative or product manager.