Did you know: for hard-wearing turf choose a hard-working mixture?

If you want a wear tolerant turf, you must look at the mixture as a whole. The right mixture gives you not only a guarantee of wear tolerance, but also less maintenance and a lower risk

All species have their own features and strengths. In a mixture the species cover each other’s blind spots and a single feature found in one specie, can never be a total solution. The “secret” lies in the combination of various species in turf mixtures. Combining species in a mixture creates a synergy effect and ensures the robustness that is needed for specific locations, regions and wear patterns
We know that stressed plants are more susceptible to disease. So in this way a resistance to local diseases and stress factors will improve wear tolerance. This holistic approach is the silver lining in choosing the right mixture. A well-adapted, dense and wear tolerant turf is key to a successful sports field. A mixture combining features of multiple species, offer instant stress handling 24/7.
The road to wear tolerance 
  1. Identify your need and resources
  2. Make a careful selection of the right turf mixture fitted for the purpose and region
  3. With the right management you can now enjoy a turf that lives up to your expectations in a sustainable way.