DLF represented in champions league

With world-class football, you need world-class grass, which we are a proud supplier of
DLF represented in champions league

The 30th of September 2020 the Danish football club, FC Midtjylland qualified to play against the best players in the world in Champions League

A great achievement!

To perform on a world-class level we believe, it is necessary to have the best surroundings as possible. DLF is proud to deliver seeds to FCM’s home ground, MCH Arena in Herning for the Champions League matches.

FCM’s first home match vs. Atalanta will take place on the 21st of October at MCH Arena on DLF grass. Groundsmanager, Anders Nielsen expresses the excitement about hosting the Champions League matches and is enthusiastic about the challenge that comes with it. He assures us, that the pitch is going to be ready for the match and world-class football.

“When it was clear that FCM would make it in the Champions League we increased the seeding, and we seeded with 200 kg of Masterline Expressmaster. We have been working on optimizing the conditions for the grass by using top dressing and thereby improving draining of the growth layer. We are at all time considering, when to work on the pitch depending on the weather. At the time being we use liquid fertilizer Mastercare WS 14-2-23 and wetting agent Magnum Oneshot, which helps the turf to process rain and watering. With the participation in Champions League the season is extended and therefore we consider to heat up the pitch earlier than normal to keep up the growth in the turf."

For the third year in a row, MCH Arena have been elected by the Danish professional football players to be the best football pitch in Denmark. This is no wonder with two very skilled groundsmen and some high quality mixtures.

The seed mixture that has been used on MCH Arena is: Masterline Expressmaster (DLF Select Seeds) and later on Masterline Expressmaster plus.