Wet lawn during winter - sound familiar?

How shorter winter days, along with cool and wet conditions can affect your lawn
Wet lawn during winter - sound familiar?

The winter in Northern Europe has been mild so far

Sunlight is scarse, but the temperatures are mild - and yet, the lawns are not growing. What can we do to optimize conditions for our lawns? You can follow these simple guidelines to get your lawn in shipshape condition for the coming season

Avoid cutting your lawn out of growth season

Let the last cut in the fall be somewhat higher than during growth season. This leaves leaf material to initiate photosynthesis and green up as soon as the sun returns in spring.
Have you raked the leaves from your lawn?

Your lawn needs sunlight, and removing leaves from your lawn allows the moisture to evaporate from your lawn canopy. Fungi prefer moist environments, which is why it would be preferable to keep the mulching process off the lawn.

Do you have pools of water forming on your lawn?

It is not necessarily an issue, if your soil has reached maximum water holding capacity. It is preferable to have a good drainage system in the soil. Avoid treading on your lawn, when it is at maximum capacity, as the crowns or the growth points of the grass plant may be more vulnerable than usual under these conditions.

Learning and thinking ahead

A good lawn mixture adapted to your region will be able to buffer the wet conditions. The smooth and stalked meadow grass will be standing tall, when the drainage systems do their job, especially after enduring waterlogged conditions.

Over some years, it will become noticeable to the trained eye, that the lawn has segregated into local conditions in the lawn: Fescues will increase in shadow areas, traffic areas will leave smooth stalked and ryegrass, waterlogged patches are most tolerable to smooth stalked. Eventually, the mature lawn will appear naturally patchy as it adapts to the local conditions. Learn more about some of the advantages of lawn mixtures here.

TRIUMPH lawn mixture

To rejuvinate and homogenize your lawn, you can considering implementing a springtime overseeding plan every few years.

Speaking of winter activities for the garden owner, consider sharpening the blade of the mower. This makes for a cleaner cut and ultimately a better looking lawn!

If you feel inspired check out the newly launched TRIUMPH lawn mixture and get in the mood for the EURO2020 this summer.