Tall fescue PLUS - more than the sum of its parts

Fast germination, great seedling vigor and high feeding quality - these are just some of the characteristics of our Tall Fescue PLUS grasses give to farmers
Tall fescue PLUS - more than the sum of its parts

Quality and feed security

“I’ve chosen to use Tall Fescue PLUS instead of regular Tall Fescue because Tal Fescue PLUS has a higher feeding value.”

Lars Larsen, Denmark

The digestibility of Tall Fescue PLUS is higher than that of tall fescue. The ryegrass genetic component of Tall Fescue PLUS raises the digestibility of the sward, which means an improvement of the forage quality.

“We are farming in higher altitudes and Tall Fescue PLUS is very stress resistant, mainly against drought. This means that Tall Fescue PLUS produces forage with high quality also in less favorable conditions.”

Leoś Říha, Czech Republic

All Tall Fescue PLUS varieties from DLF combine tolerance to frost, drought and heat and persistency of tall fescue with the better feed quality and rapid establishment of ryegrass. The result is a high quality “tall fescue” with excellent persistency.

What is Tall Fescue PLUS?

Tall fescue PLUS is developed by crossing fescues and lolliums.

Tall Fescue PLUS is ideally suited to dry or stressed environments where yield and persistency are the primary drivers. It can be used as a direct replacement for tall fescue in medium- and long-term mixtures where it improves the feeding value.

PLUS grass varieties are multi-purpose forage grasses based on a broad and successful genetic mix. They’re PLUS grasses because they are a huge improvement on conventional and commonly used forage grasses.