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New varieties in season 2014-15

10 new forage and turf varieties will be launched on the market this year from DLF. Before launch of these varieties, the breeding and testing process has taken nearly 13 years. Each variety needs to be approved in official trials and recommended for use before producing the first certified seed. We are proud to present the following new varieties:

• Red clover: CALLISTO - 2n
• Perennial ryegrass: BORSATO - intermediate 2n, MOKARI - late 2n, KIMBUKO - late 2n
• Westerwoldicum: AKTIV - 2n
• Festulolium: HOSTYN - ryegrass type, MAHULENA - Tall fescue type 

• Red Fescue: GREENMILE and HUMBOLDT - both Chewings fescue 
• Smooth-stalked meadow-grass: KAITOS

Drought - there is a solution!

Changing climate means more regions will suffer from drought. Also limitations in irrigation means more need for drought tolerant grasses.

DLF-TRIFOLIUM is constantly testing our entire turf grass portfolio and we are able to give the best advice on varieties and mixtures. The result is improved growth and a visual merit with what we call "Stay Green" effect.

For more info feel free to contact your local sales or product management person from DLF-TRIFOLIUM.

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